VISO II Altimeter Pocket


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VISO II Altimeter Pocket

VISO II Altimeter Pockets are designed specifically for the VISO II for sewing or gluing to jumpsuits, gloves, helmets or any other custom placement you choose. Made of rigid yet flexible polymer, the Altimeter pocket keeps your altimeter secure to the items it is mounted on. Available only in black or white and comes with the VISO II logo printed on the front. Be sure to order a L&B Altimeter Tool for inserting & extracting your VISO II.


The VISO Mounting pocket is a stiff, custom shaped mount designed for your VISO or VISO II. You can put this L&B VISO Sew-On Pocket just about anywhere. Make your own custom mount on a chest pillow, glove, jumpsuit sleeve or whereever else you require the abilkity to mount your VISo or VISO II. Comes with the L&B VISO Tool for inserting and extracting your VISO or VISO II. NOTE: The L&B Sew-One pocket is not intended to keep water way from your instrument. Just place a few holes in the outside rim of the plastic mount and sew it down with riggers thread.


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