Alti-2 Atlas Altimeter/Audible




The N3 is a digital altimeter which can be used as either an audible or visual. The N3 is the succesor to Neptune and Neptune 2 and has the following features:


Anodized aluminum case.
Toughened glass lens.
Clickable flush buttons.
USB rechargeable.
USB interface to PC.
Waterproof up to six feet for up to one hour.


Eight selectable alarm groups.

Alarms can be set as freefall or canopy alarms.
The Neptune Maintenance Utility (NMU) can be used to create up to 32 custom alarm names.
Alarm tones can be customized using the NMU.
Canopy alarms include approach alarms leading up to the selected alarm altitude.
Canopy alarms can be set to loud for those who wish to hear them from their wrist.


Logs 200+ jump Profiles and 2,500+ jump Summaries.

Jump odometer.
Up to 32 drop zone and aircraft names can be entered using the NMU.
Time under canopy and freefall time are logged.


Time can be set to 12 or 24 hour format.

Date can be set to USA or International format.
Temperature can be displayed in F or C.
Speed can be displayed in mph or kmh.
LCD may be flipped.
Menu scrolls and wraps.

N3 has all of these features and more!


Oops! You forgot to log your jumps last weekend: did you make 5 jumps Saturday, or was it 6? Was the 2nd jump on Sunday that sweet 4-way, or was it a 2-way head-down? How long was that wingsuit jump – 2 minutes or 3?

Don’t waste your brain space trying to remember what jumps you did! Let your N3 take care of it all: see the date, time, and all the stats you need for all your jumps. Download them to Paralog and save them on your computer. (Note: Paralog is not an Alti-2 product and is available at additional cost)

There is no time limit to your jumps – N3 will record the longest freefall you can make (safely, of course).

2,500 Jump Summaries:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Freefall Alarm Group
  • Canopy Alarm Group
  • Exit Altitude
  • Deploy Altitude
  • Freefall Time
  • Canopy Time
  • Average Speed
  • Speed at four different altitudes
  • Drop Zone
  • Aircraft

Logging facilities:

  • Logbook on/off
  • Delete a jump
  • Delete logbook
  • Jump Odometer

You can view your jumps in one of two ways:

  1. Use the “Go To” function if you know a certain jump number that you wish to view.
  2. You can easily scroll through your logs by pressing and holding either the top or bottom buttons.



Set up groups of audible alarms to notify you of different altitudes during freefall and under canopy.
N3 has four groups of labeled alarms, each with three altitude settings. You can customize your alarm names using the NMU.

What you see:

alarm memory bank
freefall alarms

You can set each of the alarm groups to be either freefall or canopy alarms.

The N3’s freefall alarms sound loudly at the altitudes you program and the canopy alarms are a series of approach alarms leading up to the altitude that you program.

Freefall alarms are programmable in 100 ft. increments, and canopy alarms in 10 ft. increments.



N3 has the same user friendly menu system that you know and love from the Neptune 2. Add to that the N3’s flush clickable buttons and navigating through the menu and features is a breeze!

What you see:

sample menu

Automatically changes to Aircraft, Freefall and Canopy Modes.

What you see:

in the plane
in freefall
under canopy

The N3’s display can be electronically flipped to make menu navigation even easier!

What you see:

normal display
flipped display

The N3 also has an electroluminescent backlight.


The N3 is waterproof down to 6 feet of water, for up to an hour just like it’s predecessor, the Neptune. So swoop the pond without fear, the N3 can handle it!


You’ll always have the most up to date N3, because we give you the new software for free! With the USB interface to PC, the process is easy, and you get a new toy every time we come up with a new feature.

You can also have your N3 updated by us here at the factory, or in the field, by one of our knowledgeable Altimaster Field Support members.