Curv Complete System by Rigging Innovations


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Skydive Store Gear Bundle Includes the following… 


The Vodoo Curv harness/contaner – Custom or Stock PD Sabre2 main canopy – Custom or Stock PD Reserve canopy

Order forms, Coloring Guides and all sales tools are sent to you by a representative. We like to discuss all aspects of the gear before final purchase is complete. 

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Voodoo Curv

The Curv Container

Highlights include:

  • Eliminates the gap at the back by curving to your body
  • Specially designed end tabs that result a lower profile of the main container
  • Increase of 10% volume

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The Voodoo Harness

Highlights include:

  • More comfortable during canopy flight
  • Incorporates webbing stow band – no more losing them!
  • Stainless steel mini ring hardware standard

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Accessories / Bonus Features

Main risers and toggles.
       TY-17 risers with stainless steel hardware, Velcroless toggles, dive loops, and anti-twist cable tubes are standard. Standard length is 19” with custom lengths available at no additional charge. 

Main Pilot Chute and Bridle.
        The standard main deployment configuration is a BOC throw-out pilot chute with a Hackey and kill-line collapsible bridle.

        The BOC pocket incorporates a small stowage flap that helps keep the pilot chute from
creeping out and positions the handle in the same place every time.

Reserve ripcord and 3-ring release handle.
       The pillow ripcord and 3-ring release handle come standard with rubberized “Sure-Grip” fabric for a better
grip under all conditions.

Slider stow
       A specially designed loop is built into the top reserve flap which allows attachment of a custom designed magnetic slider stow without interfering with the operation of the reserve.

Hook Knife.
       A high impact
hook knife and pocket is integrated into the right side main lift web cover and 3-ring release pocket.


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 24 × 30 × 36 cm